About P.R.R.T

Primal Reflex Release Technique™

Primal Reflex Release Technique™ (PRRT) is a new approach in the treatment of pain and an excellent new alternative to physical therapy or a great addition to existing physical therapy treatments. John Iams developed PRRT from nearly four decades of clinical experience, research and superior passion for physical therapy. PRRT is an approach to the evaluation and treatment of primal reflexes and is based on the belief that over stimulation of a person’s primal reflexes creates pain and keeps painful patterns occurring again and again. The treatment of primal reflexes is effective in treating 80% of people that have painful conditions. The treatment of these reflexes may have an influence on other systems of the body playing a key role in a person’s overall health.  Primal Reflex Release Technique can help you get free from pain today!

Primal Reflexes Map from PRRTThe basic premise of PRRT is that all pain is harnessed by a central source that biases the periphery. Primal reflexes such as the startle reflex, the withdrawal reflex and the protective joint reflexes are at the root of all sustained painful conditions. These reflexes are hardwired into the nervous system of the body initially for the purpose of survival. When a person is in pain or is experiencing a painful or startling reaction, these reflexes are called upon to protect the body. These reflexes can be persistently in the state of hyper readiness and when sustained like this they lead to patterns of pain that are reproduced, repeated and maintained. Leaving a person wishing they could get free from pain.  The primal reflexes are linked to the autonomic nervous system. This link is also connected with the human condition of stress which is widely known to be associated with illness and disease. This means that PRRT is a powerful new tool to treat a myriad of related medical conditions.

Randall Kusunose
I’m continually amazed and inspired by John’s never-ending quest for cutting-edge knowledge. His PRRT™ will forever change your view on patients and revolutionize your practice.
Randall Kusunose Director of Jones Institute

There is much discussion over PRRT and its effectiveness as a treatment for pain and helping people get free from pain because this new approach challenges the long existing practices of physical therapy and the health care system as a whole. Historically, pain has been based on a fairly dogmatic medical model that feigns implicitly or expressly that pain complaints can be accounted for by disease or anatomic irregularities. PRRT shakes these definition boundaries and gives a whole new cause of pain. PRRT is being developed and practiced worldwide with exceptional results. Primal Reflex Release Technique is already having an effect on the treatment of pain and rehabilitation. Find out if you can find relief from your pain with PRRT.