Reflex Speed Pain Release

Our natural reactions are quick, often relying on adrenaline to move our bodies into immediate motion.  It is this same primal reflex speed that can help you be free from pain today.   

Many people don’t realize that our reaction time is really a measure of our reflex speed.  The difference between reaction time and primal reflexes is that with reaction time you have to figure in the amount of time it takes your brain to process what is happening and make the appropriate decision on what next action to take.  When it comes to our primal reflexes, there is almost no communication; our bodies simply react instinctively to the situation at hand most often in an effort to protect ourselves from injury or pain.

It is these instinctive reactions that can help you become free from pain.  The greatest benefit of Primal Reflex Release Technique is the speed at which it works to deliver results.  Most pain and even many illnesses are the result of our bodies’ natural reactions to a situation; our primal reflexes become almost stuck in a pattern that causes recurring pain.  With P.R.R.T., you can be free from pain using the same natural responses that attempted to protect you from pain in the first place. 

Don’t delay.  Get a consultation and be free from pain today with Primal P.R.R.T.

Val C. Dones, III

PRRT™ is amazing.


Val C. Dones, III Instructor College of Rehabilitation Sciences University of Santo Tomas, Research Staff Center for Research and Movement Science University of Santo Tomas