1st Visit Results With P.R.R.T

Very few people want to believe that they can be free from pain in just one visit, but with Primal Reflex Release Technique™ (PRRT) you can start to see results in your pain treatment after the very first visit. John Iams personally evaluates every individual that contacts him to make sure that PRRT is right for their ongoing painful condition. If your pain is the result of the hyper readiness of your primal reflexes, then you are in for a treat. You can start being free from pain in the first visit and it is possible for you to be completely pain free in 3 visits or less to the SuperSpine center in Poway, CA.

Don’t believe it? Well don’t take our word for it, take the word of the many people who have used Primal Reflex Release Techniques to be pain free! This unique treatment for pain is being used around the world on athletes, housewives, grandparents and teens. PRRT could be the answer you are looking for. See what other patients have to say!

John Iams treated me for what I thought was plantar fasciitis. I had always been a runner and I had been unable to run for approximately 6 months. He was able to treat my foot problem and did state that he did not believe it was plantar fasciitis but some other issue with a previous innocuous injury that radiated the pain to my heel, which cause the same sensations. I have been able to run since the second week of having his treatment. 
Judy Bomberger
I was suffering from multiple injuries but notably a history of chronic back pain due to fractured vertebrae during a soccer game. Many nights I crawled from my bed to a hot bath in hopes of some relief. Pain killers at that point had become a dependency I relied on, which I needed to discontinue. I had also seen many massage therapists and the like, but only found temporary relief. So I went to see John for treatment with his PRRT technique. I saw immediate results regarding the flexion and tension in my back. I could touch my toes from a standing a position, something I hadn’t done in a long time! I started stretching nightly, using John’s instructions and within a week I was out on a field playing soccer, against John’s advice. Some of the pain did return. However, I went back for one more treatment. And this time took my path back to full activity much slower, heeding John’s advice this go around. Now I go to the gym three times a week, still take many of the vitamin supplements John recommended and play pick up soccer games when I can find the time. I do still get sore from time to time when I overexert myself, but I do not use pain killers and I have not had pain anywhere near the sort of pain I suffered before seeing John. No more sleepless nights! For these reasons, I am extremely grateful for the work John is doing. It certainly worked amazingly for me. I highly recommend anyone try his therapy if you’ve found yourself in pain after trying numerous methods or if you are dependent on pain killers for relief because those will eventually stop working too. Life is so much better free of chronic pain and pain pills. Thank you John Iams and thank you PRRT!
Rory Mills Orange County, CA
At my first treatment I asked for relief of a shoulder and neck spasm of 5 years duration. After the first treatment I was 60% better and after the second one I was 80% better. He told me to “own” the new mobility. Immediately I was able to move my head in angles that it had not done for years. I left his office and set out on the road to visit my family in another state. As I drove through the Virgin River Gorge I was able to move my head any way I wished to see all angles of the beautiful red rocks (I love rocks). I do love the PRRT. I plan to attend John’s training in the future so I can offer this effective modality for healing in my nursing practice.
Cindy Willford RN, Healing Touch Practitioner
Prior to visiting John Iams I only had 45 degrees of rotation in thoracic spine despite an intense 30-day program of stretching. As an avid golfer I felt the need to increase my rotation. During a single session with John he released the affected muscles. I am now able to (achieve) 85 to 90 degrees. I continue to be flexible and enjoy improvements in my golf game.
Emery Master
John Iams has done wonders for my two daughters and my husband with his innovative Primal Reflex Release Technique™.  My daughters play softball and have many issues that have accumulated over the years.  John has been able to relieve pain with one visit.  My husband had both elbow and knee problems which John also was able to dramatically help him and also in one session.
”Catherine ”Poway,
I’ve had many neck problems over the past several years. John has been my most reliable source of help. I feel 100% better once he has treated me and am able to go about my life pain free and on to my normal everyday activities. He is caring and always tries to make himself available when I need him. Thanks.
Sue Castiglione San Diego, CA
I had a single visit with John using his PRRT and noticed a considerable improvement in the area of pain he focused on.  That and his other recommendations have made a big difference. I believe John is a great clinician!
Barbara Foster San Diego, CA
You represent a breakthrough in the realm of PT. After my accident in 1970, I went through 1 year of constant intense pain before having spinal surgery…the surgery was ‘successful’ but the patient was still in constant pain. I had tried acupuncture, massage, anti-inflammatories, muscle-relaxants, chiropractic, rolfing, Tai Chi Chuan, herbs, somatics, hypnosis, PT of several different kinds, yoga, exercise programs, prolotherapy and several other way out there therapies.” On my first visit you found that I still had overly protective reflexes from my trauma and 1971 operation.  I am so grateful you’ve been able to release this like nothing I’ve experienced before. The work you do is very important to the healing of so many people who face pain on a daily basis.
Lee W. Purser, PhD Psychologist, San Diego, CA
My 17 yr. old son, Marc, was injured playing soccer… resulting in a severe adductor tear. After over 3 months of constant, traditional PT at Scripps, he was unable to play without pain and his level of play was significantly diminished. I attended his first PRRT™ session with you and still can’t believe what I saw. You were able to use your PRRT™ to relax his adductor and hip flexor painlessly and in just seconds.  I like the rationale you have developed that injuries set up reflex arcs that mediate chronic spasm and pain involving muscle groups extending far outside the initial injury site… I intend to continue referring patients to you as you’ve repeated these results with the ones I’ve sent.
Daniel R. Soloman, MD Associate Professor, Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA
For 14 years I had suffered from severe back pain. I was in more pain lying down and had to sleep sitting up on a couch. I had almost resolved myself to surgery or living in pain, or both. After about 15 minutes of your therapy I was pain free for the first time in 14 years! Your treatment was simple, painless and lasting!
Amy Callahan, TFT Thought Field Therapy, Indian Wells, CA
My son and I were treated by John recently for chronic musculoskeletal pain. Within no more than 15 minutes, we were both feeling great. We’re still feeling great months later and after only a single brief session. I have been equally pleased with the results of clients I have since referred to him.
Steven Schechter Program Director, School of Natural Healing, Encinitas, CA
Recently, I saw John for a severe wrist injury which was slowly healing and a problem in my upper T spine, DISH, which is a severe form of osteoarthritis, normally leading to severe restriction of motion… I have seen amazing results often within seconds in improved motion and substantial reducing in pain. Even my DISH maintained the improvement.  The literature suggests DISH doesn’t respond well to any form of therapy.  Apparently, the literature will need to be updated with the advent of PRRT™.  I’m a believer!
David Kaufman, MD Neurology & Psychiatry, Poway, CA
I saw physical therapist, John Iams, after a car accident where I had a serious neck whiplash.  When I saw John, I had very limited range of motion and had 24/7 pain requiring medication and needed to wear a soft collar too.  Within one 20-minute treatment I had range of motion close to what I had prior to the accident and immediate relief from the pain I had suffered for almost 2 months.  I was able to get off the pain medication and enjoy freedom in driving with the ability to turn my head and check for passing cars which I had limited ability to do before seeing John.  Within two weeks of the one treatment I continued to have less pain and dramatically improving range of motion.  I was so impressed with the one treatment and solution to the problem that I would recommend anyone who has acute pain, recent injury, or a history of long-term pain to see John for immediate and lasting relief from pain.  His methods are unlike any therapist I have ever seen. I’ve had 5 surgeries in the last 12 years, and never had the kind of success I had with one treatment from John.  His therapy helped get me back to work and back to workouts at the local health club allowing me to have a lifestyle I thought I had forever lost.
Joan Gregory Social Workers, Bonney Lake, WA